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Welcome to the website of the multy-media artist JOBO

This site is just taster of his varied deep-thinking images. 


" my work is about humanities relationship with time, now and elsewhere:




the metaphorical music of the universe.






To be an artist

one has to subconsciously connect with the inner workings of life in order to show a captivating version of life's many  concealed truths.


truth can be brutally hard to digest.



One of humanities greatest dilemmas

 unquestionably is

 people only believe in what they want to believe

That is why most can't draw because they draw what they want to see, rather than what is really there in front of them

At least a camera is fundamentally honest without human interference.

Likewise, most don't  listen to music carefully, rather letting the music in without liberating scrutiny.

Training our consciousness to be open-minded to the marvels of the unfamiliar new, is a life affirming skill.

Liberation is the goal of

constantly evolving humanity.

The arts are our essential companion on our journey.


Trust in silence

it is Music's

 best friend.

Does forever and forever
really mean forever,
or a wishful figment of our
daredevil, death-defying imagination,
possibly though,
, ourmen,
will  have unbelievable eternal views too 


Jobo is a multi-media visual artist, poet and writer. This site dwells mostly on his visual output.
His curant images generally start life from simple drawings, paintings, photograph or a combination of all three elements which he downloads into photoshop for extensive digital manipulationn.
 The finished image is a signed single Giclee print on paper.
The majority of his pictures are one-offs, a few are made as signed and numbered limited editions

" Now living in a digital world,
 that's where my creative art is naturally gravitating. "


" real art
 must have a special kind of magic
 to connect "


Jobo has works in public and private collections
 aroud the world.

Royal Society of arts, london
BBC Broadcasting House, London
Snape Maltings, Suffolk
Hastings Musem and Art Gallery
Fitzwilliam Musem, Cambridge
Royal Collage of Music, London
Henry  Moor Foundation
Greshams, Norfolk
Tate Britten, London
Fleu de Lis Museum, Faversham, Kent
Hartford Museum


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The past concerned about the future

Time on a bender

Hoping the music won't stop

Floating Time in a now moment

When your glass is empty,
 your shadow is full of memories

Never lose your curiosity  

 The music of the universe

Everything is connected

First really connect with yourself,
to connect with the universal everything.

Even nothing is connectd to something,
because nothing is indeed something,
maybe everything.


Elsewhere Youth from yesterday

Music from different dimensions 

If only we knew what we really know

......On the human journey
through the pulsating
 of our lives......


Being alive - eagerly alive - is life's purpose.
Some naturally take the rapid route,
impatiently, getting it over, coming quickly.
On the other hand: others have need to expand, taking time, savouring every given drop of life.  


The human consciousness creaats everything we perceive.

Your creative Consciouss is your only God,

creater of one's every perception.  

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